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“Recognized for its Technology and Performance”

The passenger elevators manufactured by ANT are the result of continuous technology development, and their performances are highly regarded in the market. They have been supplied to various public facilities including the Busan Cinema Center, subway stations, airports and the Railroad Authority, and public organizations including the Seoul Housing and Communities Corporation, LH Corporation, museums, city halls, Provincial government, hospitals and schools, and enterprises including POSCO, LG Electronics, Hanjin Logistics, and Inter-Burgo, and infrastructure including the Yeonggwang, Uljin, Dangjin and Taean power plants. Furthermore, ANT elevators are in operating in overseas power plants in Saudi Arabia, India, Chile, Philippines, Panama, and Iraq, ect.

Electric Elevator

Hydraulic Elevator

Manufacturing Process
Unique Technology of ANT

Machine room-less elevator

Acquired Korea’s First MRL (Elevator without a Machine Room) with Good Quality (GQ) Certification

The Special Features of MRL (Machine Room-Less Elevator)

Energy-saving effect

By minimizing the capacity of the motor which is using the traction machine with a high-effective permanent magnet, this structure made it possible to reduce to capacity of power resources used for elevator and consuming amount of power, which come useful the reduction of installment and management cost.

Effective space use

By removing machine room, flexible confrontation of a better constructional design is enabled, and this benefits the operators and full usage of space with logical construction progress and little peripheral constructional interference.

Low Noise, Excellent Ride Comfort

Gearless system is free from discomfort generated by vibration of gears which enable noiseless, superb ride comfort.

Environmental Product

Gearless system with no reduction gear. Adopting permanent suturing system of no requiring oil and lubrication on the traction machine has no reduction gear, which realizes low vibration and noise, and offers the users quiet environment.

Construction, facility cost reduction

No need for construction and facility process which was required in pre-existing machine room elevators and hydraulic system enables the net cost reduction and reduced construction period.

Maintenance convenience

Without separate machine room, maintenance and repairing works are made on the base floor, which enables immediate action and convenient maintenance and repairing work.

Passenger Elevator with Car Door Locking Device
If an elevator car fails to stop at the platform, a door ban including a car door locking device, which activates regardless of power supply, locks the car door to prevent passengers from falling into the gap between the car door and elevator shaft. With the installation of this device, one can achieve economic benefits by not installing an apron or seal cover, and it can emphasize the openness of open or naked elevators and can also add aesthetic benefits to the overall structure. This is an innovative system capable of stepping forward in the fields of mandatory social safety establishments and construction of advanced facilities.

Car Door Locking Device Outline

Technologies Applied

The technology applied to the ban structure, including the car door locking device, ensures passenger safety by mechanically blocking the car door when it is opened in any situation including blackouts and other emergency situations. It is capable of preventing safety accidents in elevators, which has made a great impact in related industries, and it is registered as a patent.

Basic Concept and Features

The elevator doors consist of car doors, which close the space of the passenger platform, and hall doors, which close the shaft from each elevator platform floor. The car doors are equipped with a motor which operates the doors together with the hall doors, and the hall doors are not equipped with a motor, but feature an interlock device that automatically locks the doors when the car door is not present. The car doors feature a door ban which opens the hall doors, and it activates the hall door interlock device when the car doors open to ensure that the car doors and hall doors open simultaneously for elevator passenger safety. However, when a car fails to stop at the designated location, passengers feel nervous and attempt to escape from it. When car doors are opened in such a case, accidents where passengers fall down the shaft can occur due to the lack of a locking device that prevents the car doors from opening. The main concept of this device is to prevent forced opening of the car doors, and it is a mechanical lock that prevents car doors from opening when the car has stopped at a location other than the platform regardless of power supply. In addition, the device does not require a separator or apron to match the legal distance of 125mm between the car and shaft, allowing naked elevators to emphasize their aesthetic advantages.

Car Door Locking Device Performance
  1. Structure Diagram and Structure
  2. Durability and Test
  3. Test Method
  4. Test Item
  5. Markings

Indicated performance is based on a separate Technology Standard

Integrated Car Monitor and Button Touch Control Panel
The monitor and button control panel offer simple information, and their physical separation can cause users to spread their attention too wide. For such reason, they have been recognized as a noisy mechanical device, but there was no suitable solution. This product is designed to resolve such disadvantages by integrating destination selection buttons and various kinds of information with a “multi-touch control system” and “GUI design” which aim to create a new culture in elevator environments. The 10-key design allows high story buttons to be removed and positions information messages and videos in the passengers’ line of sight. Various videos suiting the use of the structure where the elevator is installed can be displayed, allowing the value of the overall structure to be increased over time. A scrolling text window can display announcements or floor information, and the video section can generate revenue by displaying advertisements for tenant companies in the structure. When necessary, it is also capable of displaying paid contents such as news and weather information.

This is a patented product.

Optimal Options for each Business and Location

Machine Room-Less Elevator(MRL)

  • ANAM TECH Co., Ltd.
    Model Capacity(kg) Person Speed(m/min) Entrance Width(OP) Car Size(Inside)
    Hoist-Way Size(Inside)
    AN60-SPL-P2CO8 550 8 60 800 1300×1100 2000×1650
    AN60-SPL-P2CO11 750 11 60 800 1400×1300 2000×1800
    AN60-SPL-P2CO13 900 13 60 900 1600×1350 2300×1900
    AN60-SPL-P2CO15 1000 15 60 900 1600×1450 2300×2000
    AN60-SPL-P2CO17 1150 17 60 1000 1800×1450 2600×2000
    AN60-SPL-P2CO20 1350 20 60 1000 1800×1650 2650×2100
    AN60-SPL-P2CO24 1600 24 60 1100 2000×1700 2900×2100
    AN90-SPL-P2CO8 550 8 90 800 1300×1100 2000×1650
    AN90-SPL-P2CO11 750 11 90 800 1400×1300 2050×1800
    AN90-SPL-P2CO13 900 13 90 900 1600×1350 2300×1900
    AN90-SPL-P2CO15 1000 15 90 900 1600×1450 2300×2000
    AN90-SPL-P2CO17 1150 17 90 1000 1800×1450 2600×2000
    AN90-SPL-P2CO20 1350 20 90 1000 1800×1650 2650×2100
    AN90-SPL-P2CO24 1600 24 90 1100 2000×1700 2900×2100
    AN105-SPL-P2CO8 550 8 105 800 1300×1100 2000×1650
    AN105-SPL-P2CO11 750 11 105 800 1400×1300 2050×1800
    AN105-SPL-P2CO13 900 13 105 900 1600×1350 2300×1900
    AN105-SPL-P2CO15 1000 15 105 900 1600×1450 2300×2000
    AN105-SPL-P2CO17 1150 17 105 1000 1800×1450 2600×2000
    AN105-SPL-P2CO20 1350 20 105 1000 1800×1650 2650×2100
    AN105-SPL-P2CO24 1600 24 105 1100 2000×1700 2900×2100

Elevator with Machine Room(MRO)

  • ANAM TECH Co., Ltd.
    Model Capacity(kg) Person Speed(m/min) Entrance Width(OP) Car Size(Inside)
    Hoist-Way Size(Inside)
    AN60-SPO-P2CO8 550 8 60 800 1300×1100 1800×1750
    AN60-SPO-P2CO13 750 11 60 800 1400×1350 1800×2000
    AN60-SPO-P2CO13 900 13 60 900 1600×1350 2100×1950
    AN60-SPO-P2CO15 1000 15 60 900 1600×1500 2100×2150
    AN60-SPO-P2CO17 1150 17 60 1000 1800×1500 2250×2150
    AN60-SPO-P2CO20 1350 20 60 1000 1800×1700 2400×2350
    AN60-SPO-P2CO24 1600 24 60 1100 2000×1750 2600×2400
    AN90-SPO-P2CO8 550 8 90 800 1300×1100 1800×1750
    AN90-SPO-P2CO11 750 11 90 800 1400×1350 1800×2000
    AN90-SPO-P2CO13 900 13 90 900 1600×1350 2100×1950
    AN90-SPO-P2CO15 1000 15 90 900 1600×1500 2100×2150
    AN90-SPO-P2CO17 1150 17 90 1000 1800×1500 2250×2150
    AN90-SPO-P2CO20 1350 20 90 1000 1800×1700 2400×2350
    AN90-SPO-P2CO24 1600 24 90 1100 2000×1750 2600×2400
    AN105-SPO-P2CO8 550 8 105 800 1300×1100 1800×1750
    AN105-SPO-P2CO11 750 11 105 800 1400×1350 1800×2000
    AN105-SPO-P2CO13 900 13 105 900 1600×1350 2100×1950
    AN105-SPO-P2CO15 1000 15 105 900 1600×1500 2100×2150
    AN105-SPO-P2CO17 1150 17 105 1000 1800×1500 2250×2150
    AN105-SPO-P2CO20 1350 20 105 1000 1800×1700 2400×2350
    AN105-SPO-P2CO24 1600 24 105 1100 2000×1750 2600×2400

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