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Elevator Maintenance Contract and Activities

Maintenance Contract

  • Part Oil Grease
  • Full Maintenance

Maintenance Activity

  • Regular Maintenance

  • Performs elevator inspection at least once a month according to related laws.

    Develops inspection plans based on discussions made with maintenance host.

    Utilizes tablet PC to enter and check inspection results in the National Elevator Information Center in real time.

  • Malfunction Response

  • All malfunction histories of the elevator are registered in an ERP system and systematic response is implemented according to systematic analysis.

    24-hour call center operation and A/S network in each area allows prompt response to issues.

    The elevator operation information storage device installed in the control panel allows fast, accurate malfunction cause confirmation and measure implementation.

  • Repair

  • Durability management for each part enables extended service life.

    Genuine parts are used to replace aged parts.

    The best performance is achieved by allocating technicians with at least 10 years of experience.

  • Inspection with Observer Attending

  • Technology support and periodic inspection with an observer attending performed once a year.

    Preliminary check and inspection with an observer attending performed in preparation for irregular inspections.

  • Special Inspection

  • Safety is secured by implementing quality safety inspections per customer request or when necessary.